Branches go live with core banking systems

Information from ISD (Information System Directorate) reveals seven branches of the company have already made go live with core banking system that is expected to network the company branches where customers may access their bank account and perform basic transactions from any of the branch offices.

In the past some years back, the company has purchased a core banking system and has been working to implement it though the launch of its full scale implementation due to internal and external challenges encountered. In 2017, the company laid new strategies to curb the drawbacks and swift up the realization the system.

Now it seems showing good progress as 12 branches were already go live in these two months and  other branches are readied and just to go live within the next weeks.

Name of branches already go live

Name of branches readied & just to go live

Finfine MFS

Wonji MFS

Bishoftu MFS

General Tadesse Biru MFS (Fitch Town)

Woliso MFS

Kumsa Moroda MFS (Nekemt Town)

Nekemt MFS


Jimma MFS


Sululta MFS


Odaa MFS


Adama MFS


Asalla MFS


Shashamane MFS


Aba Jifar MFS (Jimma Town)


Agaro MFS



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