Solidarity Group Based Loan (SGBL)

SGBL is a microloan that self organized groups in rural and urban settings are eligible to borrow through group liability. It targets all segments of low income population but mainly women and unemployed youths.

Target groups

The targets for joint liability group or simply group based microloan are:

  • Rural community (men and women)
  • Urban dwellers (mainly women)

Eligibility criteria 

  • Good character and credit history
  • No outstanding loan from any lending institute, individual lenders or from government loan scheme for fertilizer and other inputs.
  • Having/owning movable (livestock) and/or immovable(farm land and plants) property in the Ganda
  • Economically poor but able to work and productive if financed
  • Permanent resident in the Ganda for at least one year
  • Physically fit to the intended business
  • Hard working and productive in nature
  • Good saving culture and background
  • Legally able to make contractual agreement
  • Age between 18-60
  • Willing to be governed by the rules of group liability (to be severally or jointly liable) for any default in the group.
  • Willing to accept other OCSSCO‟s credit and saving policies
  • Acquire votes and acceptance of the rest of the group members
  • Committed to save compulsory and voluntary savings

Collateral Option

Cross guarantee among the group members (severally and joint liability among the group members).

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