Ogeti Loan:

Ogeti loan is a duplication of women entrepreneurs development program (WEDP) loan. OCSSCO has been offering a loan product designed to enhance business of women entrepreneurs under women entrepreneurs’ development program. However, WEDP has been confined only to certain geographic areas(towns) including Finfinne and its peripheral towns in radius of 100km, Asella & Shashamenne due to the fact that the program is area specific determined by the funders. However, in previous operational years, it has been proved that similar demands exist across other towns of Oromia region. Therefore Ogeti loan has been designed as a duplication of WEDP loan to address demands in other towns of Oromia region with almost similar features but from own source of fund. Ogeti Loan is intended to enhance women owned individual businesses or entrepreneurs. The main targets are individual businesses owned by women and of organized women enterprises in any one of the business types. Sole proprietor, private limited company, share companies and partnerships that are legally registered and licensed. Ogeti loan can be financed for any viable licensed business from all sectors including; manufacturing, agriculture, construction, service, processing etc.