OCSSCO has currently seven different saving products identified as Regular, Handhura, aSorema, Coin-box, Wadia Saving Account, Fixed Time Deposit and Current Account.

Handhura saving

Handhura  is a saving product that targets parents and other relatives interested to save for their children or children under their guardianship (protection) for future expenditure, school fees, and wealth. In addition to wealth accumulation for future uses, Handhura saving is also used as one of the tools to educate the community including the children about savings and also used to promote saving culture early in their childhood.

Sebeta Ayo Saving Account

Sebeta Ayo Saving Account is voluntary saving type that targets only women. It offers special interest (higher than the conventional one) to its clients. The objective is to encourage women saving and investment that believed as ground for family & community empowerment.  

Sorema saving

Sorema is a long term contractual saving designed to mobilize savings from the people during their active age and when they are earning more income that to be deposited with special interest returns and to be withdrawn for investment, creating family or own jobs or to cover future planned or unplanned expenditures.

Wadia Saving Account

Wadia Saving Account a voluntary saving type with that clients who don’t want an interest for religious purposes can deposit their money for the sake of security. It’s deposited and kept separately from conventional system at interest free financial service window. Wadia Saving is subject to withdrawal at anytime. 

Coin-box saving

It is a saving service that will be delivered to any individual who cannot physically appear to OCSSCO branch office to deposit due to the nature of their business. The major targets are loan customers, petty traders, small shop owners, mini cafeterias, taxi drivers and assistant.  OCSSCO rents coin box to customers and help them to deposit at their work place. 

Fixed Time Deposit

Fixed time deposit is a type of deposit, which is deposited for a certain agreed period of time at pre agreed interest rate that to be paid if only withdrawal is made after the agreed time.

Current Account

OCSSCO provides current (checking account) services on which the account owner can order payments to the check bearer. But unlike other checks, the existing OCSSCOs’ check is used only for internal purpose that to be used for cash order transactions that is to be made between OCSSCOs’ branch in which the account is opened and the account owner in the branch.


Product Type

Interest Earned

Minimum Opening Balance


Regular Saving




Handhura /Minor/ Saving

8% - 10%



Sebeta Ayo /Women Saving




Sorema /Pension/ Saving

8% - 9%



Wadia Saving




Coin-box Saving




Fixed Time Deposit

7.15% - 8%



Current Account (Check)